Think Big Conversation: Shifting the Story of “Hard Work”

On February 27th, the Narrative Learning Community met to explore the fraught concept of hard work in the American narrative and to discuss promising paths forward. We shared lessons learned from our deep research across the South and Southern Midwest through the Topos/EARN-led Southern Mindshift Project and heard from partner advocates and organizers about their on-the-ground experiences. Check out […]

FrameWorks: Framing Community Safety

A new report from The FrameWorks Institute (courtesy of The Annie E Casey Foundation and the Prevention Institute) has recommendations on Framing Community Safety (including the public health approach to community safety and social determinants of health and safety). A helpful resource if you’re engaging in public conversation on issues of safety. Check it out Here.

If the federal government can’t pay its bills, then millions of Americans can’t pay theirs

The debt default stalemate is careening toward next week’s hard deadline.  And while there has been solid coverage of the catastrophic consequences of the nation defaulting on its obligations, it’s worth highlighting the voices that are directly connecting the dots between communities’ wellbeing and the economy. For instance, Center for American Progress’ Jean Ross writes: […]

Topos: Acting On Our Values is Good Economics

Progressive economic policies that focus on people’s wellbeing can hit a brick wall (or at least a sturdy parapet) constructed by the current cultural common sense – the pervasive, default perspectives that shape our thinking in deep, often unconscious ways – about the economy.  The dominant model of the economy in this country (which successfully […]

March Meeting: The Narrative Power of a People-First Economy

  The Narrative Power of a People-First Economy March 30th, 2023   Recording coming soon!   We the people, ALL the people, drive and shape the economy. The dominant economic narrative in America continues to center business – what businesses need to thrive, even if that means people must sacrifice. We’re switching the focus to […]

Belonging, Community, and Impact: What it Means to Build a Political Home

Sojourn Strategies‘ new report follows up on a key finding from the organization’s previous research on frameworks that connect with, engage, and inspire Black voters toward higher levels of civic engagement: A majority (59%) of young Black people surveyed believed that Black people need a political home. This follow-up research and report explore the concept […]

Think Big: Narrative 101 Workshop

Meeting Highlights In this workshop, for those new to strategic framing or looking for a refresher on narrative best practices, participants heard from Topos about some best practices for effective framing of issues, and had the chance to practice and get feedback. We talked about connecting the dots for audiences, focusing on solutions, helping people […]