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Think Big: Narrative 101 Workshop

Meeting Highlights In this workshop, for those new to strategic framing or looking for a refresher on narrative best practices, participants heard from Topos about some best practices for effective framing of issues, and had the chance to practice and get feedback. We talked about connecting the dots for audiences, focusing on solutions, helping people […]

Topos: Beyond Winning – Change the Culture

When is a “win” not a win? When it makes future wins harder. Sometimes progressive policy campaigns can feel like riding a roller coaster. We win a victory at the ballot box only to see it undermined by a state legislature. We successfully sign a major policy into law, and yet a key element was […]

Topos: Two Narrative Strategies for Engaging on Race

To promote policies that advance the wellbeing of Black and brown people – while centering race, not avoiding it – Topos’ research adds two approaches to the body of work on using communication as a tool of creating change. In short: A barrier to policy support for some white people is a cycle of race […]

Topos: A Teaching Moment from Kansas

Topos research in Kansas points to the opportunity to nurture a cultural shift in Americans’ thinking about taxes and spending that is less reflexively negative and which instead stresses that broadly shared prosperity, quality of life, and a thriving nation rely on effective government, so we all have a stake in ensuring sufficient, sustainable revenues […]

Highlights from the Field Archive

An archive of highlights from the field: State campaigns/Microsites Recover Washington: Washington Recovery Agenda Makes the connections between taxes and public goods and points to the opportunity to change the current state’s upside-down tax code. People’s Budget for New Jersey  Focuses on a pro-revenue message by highlighting what the state’s communities need to become vibrant […]

Topos: Taxlandia: Project Summary

This multipart research effort by Topos serves as a detailed map of the cultural understandings that influence public debate on taxes and budgets. To build public support for progressive tax policy, Topos’ research points to the need for an explanatory model anchored by a vivid metaphor. In short, the tax system is upside-down – it […]