Opportunity Agenda: Messaging on the Supreme Court & The Judiciary

This year, it looks like many of us will need to communicate about the role of the Supreme Court. How can we do that in ways that build to a more constructive long-term understanding of the what the role of the court SHOULD be….the Opportunity Agenda has a helpful guide. Access the Messaging Memo

Spitfire’s Guide to Crisis Prep & Management

We Make the Future Action: Amplifying Organizing

A messaging resource specifically designed for organizers, this new guide offers best practices together with a practical case study example (ISAIAH’s campaign to build power in St. Paul, Minnesota).   View the Guide

SAY IT SO THEY’LL HEAR IT: Updated Best Practices Guide

Topos Partnership has released its newly updated summary of communications principles and best practices! SAY IT SO THEY’LL HEAR IT illustrates narrative best practices with explanations and examples, all with the goal of helping progressive advocates make the most of their communications opportunities.   Download the guide    

We Make the Future: Fund Our Future

In collaboration with the State Revenue Alliance, We Make the Future shares digital toolkits, research findings, messaging implementation, and more on revenue and making the case for well-funded public systems. Our shared vision for overcoming and recovering from the pandemic centers interventions that make life better for families. Our partners desire to build a world […]

Economic Security Project: A Storytelling Guide for Guaranteed Income Advocates

A thoughtful new resource from The Economic Security Project –  Building Economic Power Through Story: A Storytelling Guide for Guaranteed Income Advocates  – prepared for the Guaranteed Income Community of Practice, is designed to facilitate a storytelling culture among guaranteed income advocates, incorporate stories into the work, and support recipients as leaders and advocates of […]

PolicyLink: Housing Justice Narrative Toolkit

PolicyLink – along with grassroots partners and housing advocates – has released a Housing Justice Narrative Toolkit “rooted in the understanding that we already know the policy solutions, we just need a different way to intensify the narratives that support these policies – a clear, compelling housing justice narrative.” The toolkit provides ways to intensify […]

We Make the Future: Protect our Elections Messaging Guide and Toolkit

We Make the Future’s digital toolkit on how to confront false claims and protect our elections has been updated with additional narratives, content, and guidance and will continue to be updated after the election with materials about counting every vote. Access the Toolkit  

Race Forward: Narrative Design Toolkit

This guide, which was developed in the Butterfly Lab for Immigrant Narrative Strategy, will help you get started in thinking about narrative, articulating your narrative strategy, and designing and implementing your narrative projects.   Access the Toolkit

Winning Jobs Narrative Project: A Working People-Centered Narrative for Jobs, Work, and the Economy

Based on an expansive research agenda, the Winning Jobs Narrative team has developed a narrative architecture that progressive advocates and leaders can draw from to frame a broad range of issues.  Download the project materials including the research scan, narrative toolkit, and briefing presentation slide deck. Winning Jobs Narrative Project

Opportunity Agenda: We Can Thrive Together: Visioning Economic Justice for All

  A values-based discussion guide – in English and Spanish – with accompanying open source artwork to inspire a national conversation about economic justice.   Access the Discussion Guide  

We Make the Future: Messaging Guide

  The core narratives in this guide can be used in many ways: in conversations on a canvass or among friends; in public statements, letters, and op-eds; in interviews and speeches; on social media and more. While they can be memorized like a script, they can also be adapted to your particular needs and circumstances. […]

ReFrame: Disinfo Defense Toolkit  

This toolkit helps organizers and advocates respond to disinformation and misinformation, by seeding counter narratives that innoculate against disinformation by creating a new common sense where racist, sexist and homophobic values have no place, and therefore little cognitive traction through which to spread.   Access the Toolkit  

Topos: Taxlandia – Putting the Strategy into Words

  This Topos toolkit is designed to demonstrate the various ways advocates across issue areas can phrase the big ideas behind the strategies to build public will for revenue, leading to a paradigm shift in public understanding.   Access the Toolkit  

Topos: Public Will Initiative’s Budget and Tax Message Brief

This brief document synthesizes Topos’ learnings on how Americans think about Government and how to use framing effectively to promote constructive engagement with the public sector across advocacy issue areas—in particular, budget and tax policy. Read the PDF

Frameworks Institute: Talking about Budgets and Taxes

This toolkit features a compendium of research on how Americans think about budgets and taxes, and how to increase public support for policies that support reforms to the budgeting process and tax system. Access the Toolkit