October Meeting: Democracy and the Will of the People


Join us for our next Narrative Learning Community Meeting:

Democracy and the Will of the People

October 27, 2022  *  3-4:15pm ET | 12-1:15pm PT


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With the midterms upon us, the stakes are undeniably high. This past year, state legislative sessions have been witness to a slew of election interference bills, we’ve seen well-organized attacks on the ballot initiative process, and multiple cases on the Supreme Court docket are weighing the fundamentals of fair, representative elections. 

How do we  – as progressive communicators – fight for the wins we need today while keeping our eye on the long game – a vision of transformation, of reimagining a just and equitable America?

Join us on October 27th to talk about what the research tells us about “public will” framing and how Americans think about their relationship to government and current threats to public control. We’ll share evidence-based best practices and hear from campaigns on the front lines and thought leaders connecting our immediate fights to a vision of collective liberation and the potential for lasting change.

Speakers include:

  • Mila Al-Ayoubi, Strategic Partnership Director, Ballot Initiative Strategy Center (BISC)
  • Anneshia Hardy, Executive Director, Alabama Values Progress
  • Sailor Jones, Associate Director, Common Cause North Carolina


What questions would you like to see addressed during this meeting? Let us know in the registration form or email us: thinkbig@topospartnership.com