Sabeel Rahman and Dorian T. Warren: From Uprising to Reconstruction

We are witnessing a power struggle over the heart and soul of America’s future. While the establishment fights to uphold the status quo of racial and gender oppression, economic subordination, and the hoarding of political power, our communities are fighting for what we need to live a life of dignity just like everyone else—the ability […]

Topos: Two Narrative Strategies for Engaging on Race

To promote policies that advance the wellbeing of Black and brown people – while centering race, not avoiding it – Topos’ research adds two approaches to the body of work on using communication as a tool of creating change. In short: A barrier to policy support for some white people is a cycle of race […]

Opportunity Agenda: We Can Thrive Together: Visioning Economic Justice for All

  A values-based discussion guide – in English and Spanish – with accompanying open source artwork to inspire a national conversation about economic justice.   Access the Discussion Guide  

In The Public Interest: The Anti-Government Echo Chamber

This brief is a call to action about getting clear about the idea of government—that it is the only institution capable of ensuring that the public goods we all rely upon are available to everyone and about creating our own pro-public echo chamber. The brief pulls together examples of how corporate figures, right-wing organizations and […]

Topos: Taxlandia – Putting the Strategy into Words

  This Topos toolkit is designed to demonstrate the various ways advocates across issue areas can phrase the big ideas behind the strategies to build public will for revenue, leading to a paradigm shift in public understanding.   Access the Toolkit  

Topos: Public Will Initiative’s Budget and Tax Message Brief

This brief document synthesizes Topos’ learnings on how Americans think about Government and how to use framing effectively to promote constructive engagement with the public sector across advocacy issue areas—in particular, budget and tax policy. Read the PDF

Frameworks Institute: Talking about Budgets and Taxes

This toolkit features a compendium of research on how Americans think about budgets and taxes, and how to increase public support for policies that support reforms to the budgeting process and tax system. Access the Toolkit  

Topos: Being Heard: Voices from Marginalized Communities

For historically marginalized communities, a distant, even oppressive, government is nothing new. Yet the pain of declining community investments, the rise of a police surveillance state, and the weight of inequity is felt acutely. In 2017, Topos embarked on a project to listen to the voices of people who have been marginalized by elected leaders, […]