We Make the Future: Fund Our Future

In collaboration with the State Revenue Alliance, We Make the Future shares digital toolkits, research findings, messaging implementation, and more on revenue and making the case for well-funded public systems.

Our shared vision for overcoming and recovering from the pandemic centers interventions that make life better for families. Our partners desire to build a world where working people have the freedom to join together in union for a fair return on their work. A world where nurses, techs, and grocery store clerks have what they need to do their jobs safely, and every one of us gets the paid time to care for our loved ones and recover. To do that, we must make the case for state revenue using messaging that is empirically rooted and share it across state organizations. We must build public will for well funded public systems while explicitly naming the impact of race, class, and genders to ensure all of us get what we need to thrive, no matter the color of our skin or where we live.

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