Belonging, Community, and Impact: What it Means to Build a Political Home

Sojourn Strategies‘ new report follows up on a key finding from the organization’s previous research on frameworks that connect with, engage, and inspire Black voters toward higher levels of civic engagement: A majority (59%) of young Black people surveyed believed that Black people need a political home.

This follow-up research and report explore the concept of a political home – what it means to community members and what is needed to allow people to see themselves as being part of one. Relatedly, this original research – listening sessions across three states and with three community organizations working with different sectors of movement organizing –  dug into the concepts of community and belonging.

The research finds that while the term political home is not a strong anchor to recruit and retain membership (many participants did not understand or recognize the term), the idea of a political home is vital and resonates. The report provides specific recommendations to ensure that an organization embodies the aspects that make up a political home – for example, developing trust and authentic relationships, cultivating shared values and beliefs, and considering the provision of resources.


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