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Podcast: How to Save a Country

If you haven’t already, check out the new episodes of the podcast How to Save a Country in which hosts Felicia Wong and Michael Tomasky connect the dots across economics, law, and politics. Episode 9 features an interview with Brad DeLong, macroeconomist and author of the new book: Slouching Toward Utopia: An Economic History of […]

Winning Jobs Narrative Project: Phase One Report

This report represents the completion of Phase One of the Winning Jobs Narrative Project —an expansive effort to collect and review important prior and existing opinion research focused on public attitudes around jobs and the economy, as well as existing campaigns and schools of thought about economic messaging.  Access the Report  

We Make the Future: Messaging Guide

  The core narratives in this guide can be used in many ways: in conversations on a canvass or among friends; in public statements, letters, and op-eds; in interviews and speeches; on social media and more. While they can be memorized like a script, they can also be adapted to your particular needs and circumstances. […]

Darrick Hamilton, Rebecca Dixon, Rachel Isacoff: Unconditional Cash and Good Working Conditions – Do we have to choose?

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is considered one of the most effective programs for reducing child poverty and promoting economic stability among low-wage families. But there is a suite of benefits that is needed to support workers in their daily lives, like paid leave and minimum wage, that rely on a progressive tax system. […]

ReFrame: Disinfo Defense Toolkit  

This toolkit helps organizers and advocates respond to disinformation and misinformation, by seeding counter narratives that innoculate against disinformation by creating a new common sense where racist, sexist and homophobic values have no place, and therefore little cognitive traction through which to spread.   Access the Toolkit  

Opportunity Agenda: Shifting the Narrative: Six Case Studies

  To lay the groundwork for a sustained 21st century narrative change effort promoting mobility from poverty, criminal justice reform, and opportunity for all, The Opportunity Agenda embarked on a six-part narrative research study, with the aim of identifying the essential and replicable elements of past successful efforts, gleaning the insights captured in academic literature, […]